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What is Wealthy Affiliates?WA Leather

A few years ago, I was out of work as were many people in the US and other countries.  I had been looking fruitlessly for a job.  Job hunting is a full-time job.  After rejections by this company and that company, finding jobs that didn’t fit my qualifications or just spending hours and hours scanning the job listings for anything I was getting pretty disillusioned.

I’m not really an employee anyway.  I have ideas that if just pulled together in the right way could be the next greatest thing for the country or even the world.

I am an entrepreneur.

This means that I have the mindset to work for myself, dig myself out of the workplace and excel at my own thing.  It is not an easy road.  As a worker you go to work, do your job for your employer, come home and relax.  As an entrepreneur you work.  You work for yourself but until you are established you work, and work, and work.  Now this is not necessarily a bad thing.  You are working at something you love.  Whatever that may be, you get to choose your path.  It is amazing how free that makes you feel even though you are working harder than ever.

While searching for a job, it occurred to me that there is probably money to be made on the internet.  It is a huge commercial platform.  There should be a place in it for me to express my ideas and get paid doing this.  I found the solution with Wealthy Affiliate.

This is an online teaching site.  The main focus is on Affiliate Marketing but many aspects of online entrepreneurship are covered.  There are a number of great things about the educational experience that is available at WA.  There are hundreds of tutorials, many are videos if you learn better that way.  Interactive membership is another large plus. A large number of members are active participants in the chat and forums.  These people have an amazing amount of knowledge that they share regularly with others.  The members are the biggest bonus that this community provides.

If that isn’t enough, there is an affiliate program that pays you back when you bring in new members.  And, there is an Ambassador program that pays you directly when you create tutorials to share with other members.

WA could actually be a full time income if you actively promote it.  But you don’t have to, and if you follow the training and courses that are provide you probably won’t need to as your own sites will be earning for you.

Forever Free

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Lets get this one out of the way first thing.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing education.  It is not a scam! The owners have created an absolutely top notch site that will take you from knowing nothing about how computer’s work to being able  to get a website online and earning. It will get you able to make some money from your blogs and internet real estate in the shortest time possible.

There are many sites out there that promote Internet Marketing.  Many of these are Scams.  In fact there are so many of these sites out on the Web that Internet Marketing is perceived by the general public as a Scam.  This is not necessarily the case.  There is money to be made on the internet.  Will it happen tomorrow, probably not.  With persistence and the application of certain principles you can make a significant income from Internet Marketing all above board and legitimately.

This site is all above board and teaches only White Hat techniques.  As the Internet and Google evolve so does the teaching.  The owners have their fingers on the pulse of this medium and as things change or adjust, so to do the techniques and training adjust to present the most up to date training possible.

So What is Wealthy Affiliates Anyway?


Wealthy Affiliates is a membership site that teaches you how to be an Affiliate Marketer on the internet.  This site helps you to create an Online Business.  If you are interested in how to make money online and how to be an affiliate this is the site for you.

If you are asking yourself:

Will I make money on the Internet?

What do I need to do to learn how to make money on the Internet?

How do I create an online business?

How do I make money and make this work for me as fast as possible?

The answers can all be found at Wealthy Affiliate!

Please understand, a business needs to have a good foundation before it will make a profit.  What you are learning here is the foundation.  If you are expecting to make money overnight, this is not the right place to do this.  Check out a few of the Spammers that will promise this to you.  They will take your money and give you promises but not much more.  Eventually, you will come back here for the right education to succeed.

Here’s a post inside WA from Kyle (One of the Owners) that illustrates one aspect of the marketing training.  It is a story about picking peaches.

Now, if you like that, imagine what you might learn.  If you are a bit on the fence.  How would you like to check this out for free.  Yup, Free, no cost, no Credit Card required.

Free Trial-  Test Wealthy Affiliates Free Forever. (No time limit to learn)

If you like what you see, the Premium package has many more features to accelerate your earning power. Grab a month or two to immerse yourself in the training.  Monthly,  the membership is $47.00.  After a few months I bet you will want to stick around for a full year.  Annual memberships are less than $1.00 per day.  Quite a bit of value for less than the cost of a cup of cofee.  Only $359.00/year.