Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

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On April 4th 2012, Wealthy Affiliate upgraded their site.  This upgrade introduced the OEP (Online Education Program).  Initially I was a bit skeptical that this was a good change.  The interface had changed and I was totally lost.  All of my habits had to be changed and I needed to look at things in a different way.

Is change a good thing?  Well most of us resist change.  It is more comfortable to stay in your comfort zone and maintain the status quo than to break out and do something different.  As an internet marketer, you need to break free of this mindset and get yourself into a new perspective.  The change to Wealthy Affiliate has been amazing and highly productive.

Kyle and Carson made a unilateral decision and overnight provided the result to  the members of WA.  This was just the incentive that was necessary for some of us to up our game.  It has also taken Wealthy Affiliate to a new level.  They have created an atmosphere of learning and sharing that is unparalleled in the education industry and well beyond anything available in the Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing venues.

So what makes this so good?
Lets look at the Features of the WA website.


There are quite a few new features that have been added and many old ones that are being worked out.

Dashboard: When you open the Main Window you are on the Dashboard Page.  On the Left is a menu for all the features,  On the Right margin is the Running Chat.  The Center provides you with a place to catch up with all the happenings in the WA community.  There is a selection Bar at the top that allows you to display a Global activity list, a Personal activity list, the top 10 display or your notifications.  The top of the page provides some shortcuts and a running total of the members that you are following and those that have joined through your invitations or sites it also lets you know if you have any credits that are applied to your account.  Credits are accrued and when they reach a specific amount a payment is made in real dollars.  This is just a little added bonus for participating at WA.

The Global activity list displays any new blog posts or training that all of the members have posted.  The Personal activity list limits the Global list to only the members that you have chosen to follow.  The top 10 list provides 2 columns, one is for the member blogs that have created the most activity and the 2nd is for the most popular training modules.  This is nice to see what people are conversing about and what others are doing.  The Notifications will show you who has replied to things that you have posted either comments on your training, blog posts or things that you have commented on.

The Dashboard is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening inside WA.  There are some amazing people providing a wealth of information on their successes and some problems that people are experiencing.

Training:  The training Section of WA is absolutely amazing.  When you click on the training module the initial screen shows the most popular training. If you are interested in a specific training or remember seeing a blog post that had something you are wanting to review, a search bar will get you to any training or blog post inside WA containing your search term.

There are trainings for marketing aspects and for technical aspects.  Are you looking for a niche to promote? Type in niche to the search and every aspect of niche research is displayed.  You can use many tools and many of them have been covered in various trainings. Some subjects are covered in text modules with pictures and various aids others have a video for you to watch.  Either way there is much to learn and see in the 1000’s of training modules that are available.

Chat: There is a chat window that shows you a running conversation for anyone that wants to join in.  This is live on the right side of the main screen or, if you like to multi-task, the chat can be opened in it’s own window so that you can follow along if you would like and still work on other projects.

This is a social network where members interact. It is also a place where new and old members can share ideas, get feedback and even get pointed to training that has been created specifically for a problem that you are trying to work through.

The time savings that this feature produces to allow the new folks to get up and running on their own sites is phenomenal.

Forum:   Back before the OEP rollout, the Forum was the place to converse with other members.  The OEP has replaced the Forum with Blog postings.  These are much easier to follow and have the added benefit of being searchable.

The Forum posts are divided up into subjects just like a standard Forum.  There are Thousands of posts that provide incredible information on various topics.  Included in the Forum area is the PM module where you can send and receive Private Messages within WA to any member that you would care to send a message not for public display.  Sharing Private information can be quite helpful at times.

This feature is not available to Free Trial members but is fully available to any that sign up for the membership.

Member Profile, Blog and Network:  Each member gets their own page when you sign up.  Most members will use the profile to post a picture of themselves and to provide a bit of personal history so that people can get to know them better.  Included on the profile page is a personal blog for you to post on.  This can be used to ask questions, post fun comments, greet other members or just give people an update on your progress.  You will find that the support provided in these posts are amazing.  The people in here really care how you are doing and will do the best that we can to help you along or provide support when you are feeling down or have a problem that you can’t solve.

As you progress, you will find you want to follow everything some members say.  Add them to your following and their posts will be displayed on your personal activity list.  This builds your network and gives you more pull in the community.