Wealthy Affiliate Productivity Tools

There are several Tools available at Wealthy Affiliate University to help you learn how to earn on the internet.

Website Builder  Website builder

The Starter Program provides you with 2 websites that are sub-domans of siterubix.com.  These are a great way to learn how to set up a website and to practice at getting a site to rank for no cost.  If you choose to purchase your own URL from Namecheap or GoDaddy, WA will host them for free once you have upgraded to the premium package.

WA has developed a system that makes building a site as easy as possible.  This is called WordPress Express.  It is designed around the WordPress engine and automatically adds a few SEO friendly Plugins to the site.  This will save time when you set up your site.  You still need to understand how WordPress works but you can learn how to do this with a site that is already running and has the basics set for you.

 Keyword ToolKeyword Tool

The WA keyword tool has been specially designed to provide some incredible results.  The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool is specifically designed to help you to identify good keywords.  A “good” keyword is one with a good amount of searches and has a low competition from other websites.

The results provide by the WA Keyword Tool give you the Average Monthly searches and your estimated monthly traffic to provide the expected search volume.  The next column provides the competition value.  This is the number of sites that directly compete with you for your search term.  This number is much different from the result that the Google Keyword Tool will provide.  It removes what Google terms the similar results.  These are terms like the one searched but not exact matches.  The number returned by Google is inflated by these similar results.  The WA Keyword tool provides only the actual results.

Two other terms are provided by the WA keyword tool.  The Article power ranked 0-100 indicates how powerful the term can be for article marketing.  A higher number is better.  The PPC Power indicates the relative value of a keyword used for Pay Per Click marketing.

You will find that the 30 monthly searches available with the Starter Package here at WA makes this the best free keyword tool available.

Rapid WriterRapid Writer

This tool is a bit dated but will allow you to write and track articles that you post in the article directories or on your site.

The nice thing that this tool does for you is formatting.  It is completely compatible with all of the article directories.  If you use word there is embedded formatting and codes that are not compatible with the article directories.  This means that when you paste the text in where you want it to appear all kinds of crazy characters and formats appear that you did not intend.  Rapid Writer takes care of all of this for you.

 My Linker

This tool is an affiliate link cloaker and link tracker.  You can enter a link and tell it the location of the link.  Each instance of the link will be identified so that you can see which links on your page are getting clicked and helping you to identify the parts of your page that are getting results.