If you look on the internet for Online Jobs at Home, you will find a huge amount of people hawking their wares.  I even stopped over at e-how which is supposed to be a reputable site and found some questionable stuff.  Now I have been around the internet for a few years researching how to actually make money online.  I have a few dollars in my bank account from this but haven’t found the huge rewards that are being touted by the hucksters.  You probably won’t either.  Are there online jobs at home without investment needed? Yes!

There are several tactics that online marketers use to get your attention.  One I found recently has co-opted the name of a reputable magazine and changed the extension to make them look legitimate.  They have even embedded a news blurb on Internet Marketing on their site to add to your comfort with them.  Then the pitch,  everything is geared toward getting you to give them your e-mail so that they can start the pitches to upsell you into their high priced service.  They may even provide teaser videos that will give you just the right amount of information to get you to part with your (insert price point here) /month. The point here is that most sites that you visit these days are trying to get you to do something.  Determine what that is and make your choice intelligently.

There are some places that you can go to learn how to make money on the internet.  There are some Survey sites that will actually pay you to watch their videos and sales presentations.  They are interested in your feedback.  This is for market research and are affiliated with advertising agencies.  The money that can be made will be very low for the amount of time that you put into this business model but they do pay for the surveys to be filled out and in many cases you can do as many as you would like given the time available to you.

If you like to write, there are many opportunities out there for you.  Guest Blogging or writing articles for people is one way to do this.  A site called Fiverr(the extra r is on purpose) will post your job listings.  This site is focused on small short jobs that people need done, all for $5.  You would be amazed at some of the things that people will do for $5.  If you want to post on this site and have a skill that you can do quickly that  is in demand this might be a way for you to add a few dollars to your bank account.

Affiliate Marketing is another one of the online work at home opportunities that has the potential to replace your full time income.  Many of the scammers out there will tell you that this can be done in 30 days or less.  The reality is that it will take you some time and effort to grow a business large enough to make a replacement income.  If you want to learn this while working at a part-time or low paying job until it takes off for you that is probably the way to go.  Many of the so called “gurus” will wish to sell you their $97.00 package that will do this thing or that thing, the reality is that if you want to learn Affiliate Marketing all you need to do is sign up for the free Wealthy Affiliate Starter package. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to decide if Affiliate Marketing is your cup of tea.