Help You Get Those Gears TurningBack in 2010, I was out of work and looking for some way that I could make ends meet.  I thought to myself, how can I make money without having to work a day job.  Well, there were a few ways that I thought of.  I could fall back on the experience that I had with plumbing and construction and start my own business as a handyman.  I could join the business of one of my friends and teach dog training to the new dog owners in town, I could try to hang out my own shingle and be an independent Controls Engineer for various companies doing small jobs.

I have a wealth of experience with many things.  What I didn’t have was the start-up funding to do any of these things.  I did have the desire to work for myself but starting a business wasn’t in the cards.

I looked long and hard at where I was in life and decided that since most of my days were spent online, I would see if there was a business model that made sense using the tools available online.  For months I was disappointed with what I found.  I became very adept at locating all of the scammy product that people are trying to sell.

Eventually, I read an honest discussion on Affiliate Marketing and realized that there might be a good and honest way to make some money online.  I took the plunge and joined Wealthy Affiliate University.  I was absolutely overwhelmed.  This place is amazing and it connects you with some of the top earning Affiliate programs.

Shortly after I started, I attended one of the online seminars that WA broadcasts each Friday night.  It was a tutorial about how to do html for online marketers.  I do have a programming background so I figured this would be something that I could comprehend.  Most of what was discussed was out of my comfort zone but was readily understandable.  Then Jay changed the discussion to center on marketing methods.  Well, this was all new to me.  At the end of the hour, I commented that “My brain was full”, which got a laugh but was in fact the case.  I had learned more in that one hour presentation about how to do Affiliate Marketing than I had learned in the previous 6 months of online research.

Well, change the Calendar a few years and now I’m one of the people that are providing the answers.  I have an amazing understanding of how this all works.  Jay and I have developed a strong friendship and are working together on several projects.

So, if you have read down this far you are probably interested in how this all works.

I CAN and I WILL help you along with your learning if you care to join me. I use the name Labman in Wealthy Affiliates.

Best of all, there is no charge to get started.  So Join Wealthy Affiliate and get started on your online career.