While the Wealthy Affiliates Keyword tool is better than most Keyword search tool websites out on the internet, one other stands out far above the crowd.

This is Jaaxy, by far the best search tool website that I have found.

What does Jaaxy Do?

Jaaxy will allow you to find a good keyword that will rank.  This is done by searching for terms with a good volume of searches and a low volume of competition.  You then use this term in your pages, posts or articles optimize the page with standard SEO techniques and your page should rank for this search term.

Here is a screen shot of the Jaaxy search window.

The Features of Jaaxy

At the top of the window you are able to choose the feature you would like to activate. These features include

The Main Search Window

This is where you go to identify the search terms you would like to rank.  The results display your term and all of the keywords that are closely related to this term. The columns then provide additional intelligence for the term.

The Monthly searches are the number of times this term is searched in each month. Closely related to this is the Estimated Traffic.  This is the number of visitors that you can expect for your search term if your website is ranked in the number 1 position in the Google Search Results.  The QSR column indicates the amount of competition that a term receives.  These are your direct competition for the term.  The SEO Power is the ease that a term will rank.  This is on a scale of 1-100 (with 100 being the best) indicates how well promoting the term will do in the search engines.  The KQI is a red/yellow/green indicator that shows if a term is worth chasing.

Keyword Lists

As you are searching for various terms you may wish to save them into a list to work from.  This is done by checking the box next to a search term to select it for the list, add multiple terms if you wish.  When done click the green Save Selected button.  This will bring up a window to enter a name for your list.  Enter the name or select a previous name from the drop down list.  Click save and you are done.  The next time you wish to pull up the list Click on the keyword list and select the name of the list.  You can export this easily to a spreadsheet if you like to make it easy to work with.

ToDo List

If you find a search term that you would like to explore at a later time on the far right side of the search window is a todo link.  Click this and the term will be added to your todo list.  Open the list to work on the saved terms

Search History

Jaaxy keeps track of what you have searched so if your memory is like mine.  Click this term and jog your memory or go back and recheck a term.


Jaaxy has training videos on how to use the features of the program.  Jay has created several good videos that will walk you through the various parts of the windows and the other unique features that Jaaxy provides.

Affiliate Program

As a member of Jaaxy you have access to the Affiliate Program.  Promote Jaaxy on your own site and get paid for helping people to find this absolutely wonderful search tool.

Inside the Search Window

At the top of the main search window are a few awesome tools on tabs that are easy to overlook.

  • Site Rank

Identify where your site ranks for a specific term or look at the sites that have rank for a specific term.

  • Competition

Learn what sites are competing for your term with the competition tool.  With this tool you can learn how others are approaching your niche.

  • Website SERPS

Clicking on this tab will pull up a listing of the top 10 results on the Google Search Engine Result Pages.  You can look at the competing sites and when you click on the details, the site ranking in Alexa, word count, number of backlinks and other details of the site are displayed.

  • Affiliate Programs

This tab will indicate where Affiliate programs can be found for your search term.  This will allow you to monetize your site or page.

  • Brainstorm

This tab looks at the various trends on Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon and Alexa.  It shows what people are looking for long term so that you can brainstorm for a highly searched topic.

What does this mean to you?  It means that you can learn all about your chosen topic.  You can decide up front if the topic is strong enough for you to make money with your site before you even start to write your content.

If your aim is to make money on the internet, Jaaxy will help you to do that. If your aim is to be found by people that are searching for your information, Jaaxy will help you to get found.

Maximize your exposure, minimize the work…..Get Jaaxy