Happy new YearThe last week of the year is traditionally a time to look back at what you have accomplished, collect your thoughts and prepare for the new year to come.

I set myself a goal this year to help as many people as possible inside the Wealthy Affiliates network.    One of the perks with this site is that you get paid back for helping others.  This is currently called the Ambassador Program.

As an Ambassador, you help people to learn how to build websites, add content and use and install various computer features and processes that will help your website to rank higher in the Search Engines.  This is done by adding tutorials to the system.  As people use your tutorials and find them helpful they comment and like it which gives it ranking inside Wealthy Affiliates. When there is sufficient exposure your tutorial earns you credit and moves up on the Progress Bar.

The other place to help folks in Wealthy Affiliates is in the chat room.  There’s a chat going all the time with many folks in there that can and do help the new folks, or people that are asking questions and are unfamiliar with the search box.  I like to spend at least an hour in there helping where I can.  I usually let the chat run and answer if it looks like someone is in need of help that isn’t being answered.

I think I have reached my goal of helping people this year.  My member rank has improved until I am #5.  I am hanging out with some pretty awesome marketers in this top 10 at Wealthy Affiliates.

I was disappointed by my rankings this year.  My sites survived the Panda update and the Penguin update then were spiked by the Google EMD update.  I have struggled to get my content current and good enough for Google to be comfortable with my sites.  Yahoo and Bing are ranking well and I do get some traffic from those Search Engines.  I have yet to figure out how to get Google rankings back to my former 1st page rankings however.

I have started a campaign that promotes local business using Affiliate Marketing techniques.  I am hoping that these sites will rank sufficiently well that I can use them to sell some advertising.  One of the things that I have learned while at Wealthy Affiliates is that there are many ways that money can be made online.  All of them take work but I’m not afraid to work.  I understand that finding the perfect niche and creating an authority site is probably the best way to get residual income coming in but until I find that perfect solution I have a way to get some income and keep at the search for my solution.

So I have learned how to proceed into the future and see a variety of ways to get there.  I have learned the basics of creating websites and am constantly learning how to market to various groups.  I find this to be an exciting occupation, while I’m not getting rich doing this, I have a way to making a comfortable living and am able to work in an environment that is devoid of the stress that was causing me to be ill.

I hope you and yours have a very Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading.

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